About LinuxReviews WebSearch

LinuxReviews WebSearch ( is a custom-configured Searx metasearch engine which, unlike most Searx instances, has its own search index as well as the global YaCy network as a source. Both Searx and Yacy are free software under a GNU GPL license.

Please Be Patient

Many of the servers in the global YaCy network are extremely slow. Some will crunch a minute or more before they present any results. Our YaCy node is patched to drop connections and present results after five seconds. This is (for most way beyond) the limit of how long it is reasonable to wait for a search result.


Datamining is a huge industry which most larger corporations participate in. We don't.

This does not apply to the website Linux Reviews ( which uses Google AdSense to serve advertisements ( does not). Data is shared with the Google AdSense servers when you use that site.

Do note and be ware that we do share your search queries with several sources in real time!

There is no way around this, searching sources like Mojeek, wikichip, wikispooks, the global yacy network and so forth is hard to do without sharing search requests with those sources. Keep that in mind when you use this service.

Web Crawler

Our web crawler is based on YaCy and it identifies itself as

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; yacybot/1.921/custom +

Adding LinuxReviews WebSearch to Firefox

Install searx as a search engine on any version of Firefox! (javascript required)

Contact / Donations

See contact information and donations.


Stats page contains some, but not much, data about the back-end engines used.